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Meet The Captain

Captain Austin Griggs

       Born and raised in Central Illinois, my dad and his friends took me fishing every weekend. Since I can remember, I have been catching fish in Central Illinois from strip pits to the river and all places in between. I am a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard where I learned how to operate various sized watercraft retiring in 2019. I obtained my Merchant Mariner Credentials from Explorers Guide LLC and started River Valley Charter Service LLC in 2019. I cannot guarantee that you will catch fish during the trip because sometimes they just do not cooperate with the program. You will get a one on one seminar on the different tips and techniques used on the waters of Central Illinois. You will also get tips on electronics and what I look for on the screen to know where to start fishing. I enjoy talking with all my clients and making lifelong friendships while out on the water!  

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